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  • Micha Hill

    Baldwin Elementary School10

    Austin, TX | Travis County

    February 19, 2015

    My daughter has attended kindergarten, and is now in first grade at Baldwin. Academically speaking, I think Baldwin is OK. I am happy enough with the education she has received so far, and happy with her teachers. I believe children will get an adequate education at this school, but don't look for anything innovative or creative in their approach. Sadly, innovation and creativity need to be nurtured privately, AFTER SCHOOL. I am unhappy with the lack of P.E. and recess time. These kids have a seven-hour school day and only one 20-minute recess. They have P.E. only every third day. This is absurd. It is common knowledge that this complete lack of exercise or movement is totally at odds with a productive learning environment, and only exacerbates the very real problem of childhood obesity. Everyone knows this, but seems content to ignore it. Don't even get me started on the cafeteria food....it is a disgrace. Be prepared to pack a lunch.

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    April 20, 2014

    This school is fine in terms of academic standards, but there are certain things that need attention. The school's behavior management policies are very strict. The draconian discipline has left a lot of kids unhappy. They are bullied in the cafeteria by the Cafeteria lady. I have witnessed several kids being bullied by her and kids have come home crying. They are not allowed to move after they have finished eating. They just sit for 1/2 hr without talking or moving otherwise they face consequences. They get only 20 min of free play time in the play ground and the rest of the time they are confined to their classrooms under strict rules. The last thing I wanted to say is that the school teaches to the test. Few months before the STAAR testing, all they do is practice test so they keep up the scores.

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    February 25, 2014

    Baldwin is a great school. We have been so happy with the teachers here. Could not be more pleased with this school. The PTA involvement is wonderful as well, a great neighborhood school.

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    July 8, 2013

    I have no other experience with public Austin schools but I think Baldwin is an extremely unorganized school. My daughter just finished kinder and I regard her classroom experience as chaotic and just covering the basics. I don't think her school really excels at anything and is a so-so educational experience. We are looking to move her to private school to offer her a richer educational experience.

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    April 28, 2013

    I normally go in the cafeteria, sit with my kid's class, watch them eating, and do some little helpings. As long as I don't EAT with my kid, I think sharing the table is OK.

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    April 15, 2013

    This is a great elementary school! My daughter is thriving after 3 years here. Very professional and friendly staff, from the crossing guards, to the principal, VP and office help, everyone is always welcoming, courteous and greets you with a smile. The principle even noticed when my daughter got glasses! Our current teacher is AH-MAAAY-ZING!!! My only negatives are that I wish parents could eat lunch with their children AND friends (to see how they interact, etc.) instead of by themselves at a separate table...we do that at home! Also, it seems like the same parents do all the volunteering....LOTS of other parents need to step it UP and get more involved in helping.

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    February 12, 2013

    Principal Dr. Pena is incredibly attentive and seems to know all studend by name. Parents are very involved and there seems to be no shortage of volunteers at any of the extra-circcucilar and academic programs. Don't know many of the teachers yet but Ms. Seitz (Kinder) has been great, and we hear great things about many other teachers in higher grades.

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