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Tuesday, December 19, 2017   /   by Grant Williams

Austin's Suburbs: Georgetown

Georgetown is Austin's 'Greenest' Suburb and one of the nation's fastest growing cities!
Located North of Austin sits Georgetown, Texas and its growing population of 68,000 Georgetown-ians. Just this past year Georgetown announced it was 100% powered by renewable energy. We suppose the future has its benefits as Georgetown now finds itself as one of the fastest growing cities in America.
With plenty to offer, Georgetown has something for everyone. Home to Southwestern University, the National American University Georgetown, and a plethora of highly rated elementary and high schools, Georgetown is a great place for those looking to start a family or migrate their existing one.
You’ve done your research and Georgetown seems like the place for you. So what’s Georgetown’s housing market like?

Past 5 months as of November 2017

Have kids in and are looking to move to Georgetown, TX? Take a peak at the data below.

View a full housing market re ...

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Friday, March 31, 2017   /   by Jason Huval

Pflugerville's Real Estate Market

What does the current state of Pflugerville’s market look like?
Founded in 1860, the real estate market of Pflugerville has come a long way since then. With the explosion of the greater Austin area, Pflugerville has been one of the suburbs that has been benefited the most from the influx of new residents to the area. In the year 2000, Pflugerville’s population had just reached 16,000 residents. Seventeen years later, according to census report Pflugerville is the home of more than 53,000 Texas residents. The record growth the area has experienced can be attributed to the numerous companies relocating to the Austin area and Pflugerville itself is home to companies such as Samsung and Dell Technologies.

With the growth that Pflugerville has experience that last couple of decades comes the evolution and expansion of the real estate market in Pflugerville. So what does the current market landscape look like? You can view the full Pflugerville market report at Ce ...

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